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Over Mij

est 1985

Azgad ''Azi'' Abas


Azgad Abas, also known as “Azi Ink” or simply “Azi,” was born in enchanting Suriname, a subtropical Third World country in South America. The son of a talented fashion designer, his passion for drawing and art arose at a very young age. With unconditional support from his grandfather, who enrolled him early in various art programs, he received his first assignment as a teenager: painting a beautiful mural that showed his beloved homeland hidden in the lush jungle.

After spending several years painting, Azi found his true calling in airbrushing. One particular day, he seized his opportunity and approached a renowned tattoo studio in Suriname with a proposal to decorate their interior through airbrush art, in exchange for a valuable tattoo apprenticeship. It was a bold move, but this one decision would change his life forever, as it marked the beginning of his remarkable career as a tattoo artist.

A generous stranger, to whom he will always be grateful, provided him with all the necessary equipment to make his tattoo dreams come true. After refining his tattooing skills and freely experimenting with free-hand designs, he began to develop his own unique style.

Since childhood, Azi put his creative mind to work by drawing and practicing other crafts. After years of learning, he channeled all his creativity into one profession; tattooing, and in 2015 he opened a tattoo shop in the Netherlands called “AZIINK.” A born artist, he also thought about music, so it was only a matter of time before he would give it a try

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